[Mixtape] Rick The Raw - The Hunger | @RickTheRawNYC


Rick the Raw a young wolf from East Elmhurst, Queens. His main goal is to
Persevere and dominate the scene with his pack, a rowdy young bunch comprised of
Raw talent.

Together they bring a fresh sound and style to a genre over-saturated
With sameness, which helps them stand out in the crowd. They have constructed
Their own label from the ground up, level out entertainment with rick the raw as
Their premier artist though more talent is lined up behind him. Rick the raw and the
L.O.U.D (living out undeveloed dreams) pack are without a doubt poised to make their
Mark in hip hop.

He’s back on the hunt with the L.O.U.D pack at his back, and hes making his run
For the top spot. He releases this first body of work of a two part series: the hunger
(vol.1) on Halloween and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as this tape clearly
States the competition is not safe.

Rick the Raw attacks each track with purpose, ingenuity and never wastes a
Bar. His wordplay is uncharecteristic of his competition and his flow is unsurpassed.
A leader among his peer group in versitility, skill, mainstream appeal and best of all
He knows it. His sound is unique and until you’ve heard him, you haven’t heard
Anything like him. A wave of his own, a rebel for the cause. He respects the craft and
Is simultaneously radio worthy and worth listening to. Hip hop can rest hope on the
Shoulders of rick the raw and that’s a welcome feeling.

Having had a Talib Kweli nod early on in his career and a co-sign from the OVOteam for his summer 16 freestyle, he's ready to claim his spot. After a short hiatus to work on his brand and label creation along with a few personal issues along the way, he returns with his first body of work fresh off the stove surrounded by his pack and it’s all business from the gate. This project lets you know immediately that rick the raw is here to stay and he’s willing to put the work in. His road to this point was not easy and he lays that out in his music. His passion and pain set to speaker knocking beats and delivered with such lyrical precision and a downright crazy flow its impossible to not feel him. Each
Song gives you another perspective of a hustler destined to make it by any means necessary.

Perfect headphone music and a quick easy listen makes it very hard to pass up
On giving this tape a shot it’s a project that showcases the mentality of grinding
Through the pain without becoming numb to it. The anticipation for this project was
At an all time high, thankfully rick did not disappoint and we are all eagerly awaiting his next drop.
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