#FreeGame Spotify playlists are key for discovering new music | @DjSmokemixtapes

#FreeGame Spotify playlists are key for discovering new music.

As an independent artist your goal should be to get your tracks placed on as many popular
playlists as possible.

You may need to start small and go for the playlists that are in your budget. Once you have a budget of about $200 - $500 you can get your track on more popular playlists.

If your track does well on the playlists you will see an increase in streams. If it does really well you will see a drastic increase in streams, monthly listeners, and you should gain some new followers as well.

After your song is getting streamed on a regular basis with a high amount of streams in a short period of time it can be picked up by Spotify's algorithm. If Spotify acknowledges your track then you have a shot to be placed on the huge playlists curated by Spotify!! After that its a wrap your song will takeoff on Spotify.

Types of Spotify campaigns I offer (Playlist Campaigns, Ad Campaigns, Blog Campaigns)!!

Contact Dj Smoke if you would like to set up a promotional campaign for your music and videos. 773-357-6651 djsmoketop10@gmail.com (Business only please) Click here to see ALL of the services I offer artists. 
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