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Since 2011, Now Entertainment has provided support for recording, producing and packaging new music. Notable artists signed to the label include Kryke Kooly, JHugh, SpiffyDaKid, Silly Slim and Flothadon among others. This crew, made up of former gang members and street hustlers has started a ‘Rapsody’ that might soon change the whole industry.

These artists get to sing about anything and everything, and the streets are wild about that. In their 478 Gang Mixtape on Spinrilla, the songs give a glimpse into the past lives of these rappers. What makes their act fiery is that they are not afraid to go personally.  In addition, when they do go personally you know it is real, no filters.  It is the story of struggling to survive in the hood-selling cocaine and weed, running from law enforcers, serving prison time, freestyle battles, betrayal and letting go.  Now Entertainment is indeed a conglomeration of aggressive, hardcore rappers. Heads will do well to stay tuned for their upcoming mix tape (478 Gang part 2). 

Beyond commanding the airwaves, Now Entertainment label is at the forefront of revolutionizing indie rap through technology. Now, the team is working on a new software that will enable them to go live at once on multiple platforms at periscope, YouTube, twitch, and Facebook.

Cult or not, the Now Entertainment team has a date with destiny. All we have to do is watch the space charts.

Stream/Download on Spinrilla:

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