Lil Yaya - 'Hovis' (Music Video) | @backpackyaya

Lil Yaya, also known as Jetpack Yaya is a quirky and eccentric artist, specializing in a self entitled variation of Hip-Hop with a futuristic yet also dreamy & melodic vocal he likes to call "Cosmic Wave". Lil Yaya is British with Jamaican descent. He was born in London, England- Now residing in a suburb of Luton, Living in a very rural area, Lil Yaya has an extremely distinct Style of music with Influences from the likes of Chief Keef to 90s Soul Artist such as Xcape, Keith Sweat and Pop sensation Micheal Jackson. His real name is Lance Pennant and he is 20 years old. Lil Yaya hopes to change the game and become the first artist coming out of the UK to make the XXL Freshman Cover and crossover to American Stardom.

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