Midwest Rapper Sp8ceGang drops banging summer classics | @sp8cegang

Sp8cegang,was born in the heart of the Midwest. Davenport, Iowa Sp8ceGang consist of two members, James Sisco (Smoke) and Joseph Mwita (Hendrix).Both living completely separate lives, Joseph played traditional sports(basketball,football)with a full ride scholarship to U.N.I  while  Sisco was more involved in extreme sports(Bmx,Motocross) with dreams of becoming a professional in these fields a knee injury and 2 major surgeries later put and end to all that.
hendrix started exploring other talents and started a video blog called "Riverside reality Squad".  A media site for interviewing & blogging local news stories. and also producing instrumentals in his spare time.
Sisco looking for a route to entertain. He began producing,  writing, creating concepts to fulfill his dreams. Word spread around town, so joseph scheduled an interview with james on his video blog, after that they hit it off sp8cegang was conceived. Since that faithful day They've been producing, writing, and recording they're own music, it is they're passion they're art its wat they love. Two MC's and a keyboard they contribute heavy flows and weird synthed out beats they're sure to make a name in this industry.With the release of a new single "Money.power.Respect" and a album on the way don't be shy to check out wat they are bringing to the table.

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